In 2009 following fantastic servants of metal were lost in action.

Howard Portnoy
The American musician of Dream Theater died of cancer

Jan 4th, 2009
Henrik "Yperite" Jonsson
The Swedish musician of Defiler, Lifelover  died of suicide

Jan 4th, 2009
Corey James Daum
The American mucisian of Lizzy Borden died in a car accident

Jan 24th, 2009
Miika Tenkula
The Finish musician of Sentenced died of heart failiure

Feb 18th, 2009
Joonas Jubilator
The Finnish mucisian of Damnations Pride died of unknown causes

Bob "Boppin' Bob" Jones
The British mucisian of Bolt Thrower died of cancer

Apr 22nd, 2009
Christian ''Jacke'' Sonesson
The Swedish musician of Deprived, The Autumn Transition, Vanmakt, etc. died
of an occupational injury

Jun 9th, 2009
Barry Beckett
The American musician of Doro died of natural causes

Jun 10th, 2009
Marcel Jacob
The Swedish musician of Yngwie Malmsteen, The Johansson Brothers, Meldrum,
Edge of Forever, W.E..T. etc.  died of suicide

Jul 21st, 2009
Drake Levin
The American musician of Dokken died of cancer

Jul 4th, 2009
Brian Redman
The American musician of 3 Inches of Blood died in a scooter accident

Sep 26th, 2009
Patrik Mårtensson
The Swedish musician of Karnivore, Karneywar, Misteltein died of cancer

Sep 29th, 2009
Mike Alexander
The British mucisian of Evile died of pulmonary embolism

Oct 5th, 2009
Don Ivan Punchatz
The American mucisian of Riot died of caridiac arrest

Oct 22nd, 2009
Lars Klokkerhaug
The Norweegian musician of Darkthrone, Triptykon, Enslaved, etc.  died of
unknown causes

Nov 1st, 2009
Piotr Głuch
The Polish mucisian of Behemoth died of unknown causes

Dec 21st, 2009
The Finnish mucisian of Masokismi, Loinen died of suicide


In 2013 following fantastic servants of metal were lost in action.



Claudio Leo,
ex-guitarist of gothic metal act Lacuna Coil died of cancer.

  January 16, 2013
Clive Burr,
ex-drummer of Iron Maiden died of Multiple sclerosis complications.

  March 13 , 2013
Slawomir "Mortifer" Kusterka,
bassist of Hate died in his sleep of Cardiac dysrhythmia.

  April 5 , 2013
Chi Cheng,
bass player for Deftones died of complications following the 2008
car crash he was involved in.

  April 13, 2013
Jeff Hanneman,
guitar player for Slayer died of liver failure after being hospitalized
for some days.

  May 2 , 2013
Phil Buerstatte,
former drummer for White Zombie died from unknown causes.

  May 18 , 2013
Trevor Bolder,
bass player for Uriah Heep from pancreatic cancer.

  May 21, 2013
Mick Morris,
bass guitarist for Bleeding Through and Eighteen Visions
died due to a pre-existing heart condition.

  June 2 , 2013
Mikhail Gorsheniov,
lead singer of Russian horror punk/hard rock band Korol i Shut
died of heart failure.

  July 19 , 2013
Phil Baheux,
drummer of Belgian Heavy Metal band Channel Zero died of a
heart problems at the age of 45.

  August 10 , 2013
Joey LaCaze,
drummer of sludge metal act Eyehategod.
  August 24 , 2013