In 2012 following fantastic servants of metal were lost in action.


Joey "Fingers" Lombard, 42,
ex-bassist of death metal act Incantation committed suicide.

  January 3, 2012
Nicole Bogner, 27,
ex-vocalist of symphonic power metal act Visions of Atlantis died
of an undisclosed disease.

  January 5, 2012
Robbie France, 53,
ex-drummer of Diamond Head and UFO died of unknown causes.

  January 14, 2012
Mark Reale, 57,
guitarist and founding member of Riot died of complications
with Crohn's disease.

  January 25, 2012
Tonmi Lillman aka "Otus", 38
drummer of Lordi, died from unknown causes.

  February 14 , 2012
Ronnie Montrose, 64,
guitarist and leader of Montrose died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

  March 3 , 2012
Jim Marshall
"Lord of Loud" the founder of Marshall Amplification died at 88.

  April 5 , 2012

Richie Teeter, 61,
American drummer (The Dictators, Twisted Sister) died of
esophageal cancer.

  April 10 , 2012
Rob "Balfabar Nosugref The Almighty" Cranny, 27,
Owner of Canadian Northern Storm Records and Vocalist of Detsörgsekälf died of a heart attack.

  April 21 , 2012
Rob Doherty, 42,
Canadian guitarist/vocalist (ex-Into Eternity) died of unknown causes.

  May 4 , 2012
Trondr Nefas, 34,
frontman of Norwegian Black Metal band Urgehal died.

  May 14 , 2012
Steeve Hurdle, 41
ex Guitarist of Gorguts died of post-surgical complications.

  May 20, 2012
Michael Grant, 39,
singer for Crescent Shield, Onward, Legend Maker and
Cypher Seer died of unidentified illness.

  May 31, 2012
Jon Lord, 71,
English composer, pianist and Hammond organ player for
Deep Purple, died of cancer.

  July 16, 2012
Mitch Lucker, 28,
singer of deathcore act Suicide Silence, died of a motorcycle accident.

  November 1, 2012
Huw Lloyd-Langton, 61,
guitarist of Hawkwind and The Meads of Asphodel, died from cancer.

  December 8 , 2012
Mike Scaccia, 47,
guitarist of Rigor Mortis and Ministry, died after collapsing on
stage during Rigor Mortis' performance for vocalist Bruce Corbitt's
50th birthday.
  December 23, 2012

In 2013 following fantastic servants of metal were lost in action.



Phil Kennemore, 57,
bassist of hard rock outfit Y&T died of lung cancer.


  January 7, 2011
Gary Moore, 58,
guitarist died of a heart attack while on holiday in Spain.

  February 6, , 2011
Phil Vane, 46,
former vocalist for the crust punk/grindcore band Extreme
Noise Terror, was found dead in his home.

  February 23, 2011
Mike Starr, 44,
original Alice in Chains bassist was found dead in his home.

  March 8, 2011
Frankie Sparcello,
bassist of Exhorder.

  March 22, 2011
Scott Columbus, 54,
former Manowar drummer died due to unknown causes.

  April 4 , 2011
Seth Putnam, 43,
vocalist for Anal Cunt died from a heart attack.

  June 11, 2011
Mario Comesanas, 30,
DJ for Liquid Metal and writer for Revolver, died from a sudden
brain hemorrhage.

  June 13, 2011

Michael "Würzel" Burston, 61,
former Motörhead guitarist.

 - July 9, 2011

Andrew McDermott, 45
former vocalist of Threshold died from kidney failure after
being in a four-day coma.

 - August 3, 2011
Jani Lane, 47,
former lead vocalist of Warrant.

  August 11, 2011
Jonas Bergqvist, also known as "B",
guitarist and vocalist of the Swedish band Lifelover died of
unknown causes.

  September 9, 2011
Cory Smoot, also known as "Flattus Maximus",
guitarist of the American band Gwar died of a "coronary
artery thrombosis brought about by his pre-existing coronary
artery disease.

  November 2, 2011
David Gold,
guitarist and vocalist of the Canadian band Woods of Ypres
died in a car accident near Barrie, ON, Canada.
  December 22, 2011