1. Trapped
2. Angels of clarity
3. Losing you
4. What can I say
5. Erased
6. Promise me
7. Falling behind
8. Sorry for everything
9. In my arms
11.Carry me
12.A promise
13.I made it

Verdict: 7

It would be easy to dismiss Dead By April all together. They have received price as the newcomer of the year at the Bandit Rock Awards. They have caused a massive stir on MySpace and their single "Losing you" have been on massive radio rotation for almost a year by now. All this before they even have released on single album.

So now they the boys have inked a record deal with a major label one could expect that the result should be extraordinary. The production is flawless and "Trapped "Angels of Clarity" and "Losing you" alone make this a good album. The rest of the album is slightly weaker than the beginning, the pop elements becomes more prominent in the songs and the format is tailored fit onto the radio. This opens up for a lot broader audience and we bet that quite a few young ladies will pick Dead By April as their favorite band. The melodies all are extremely good straight through the album. The later part of the album has a few more gems like "Erased" "Stronger" and "A Promise", "Erased" is actually our favorite track of the entire album.

Dead By April has toured together with Sonic Syndicate and the bands resemble each other. Both bands are sweeter incarnations of the Swedish Death Metal wave with bands like In Flames and Soilwork. They mix clean song with growling, they are speedy and mellow, and this makes up an easy listening experience.

The demos that have been floating around on the internet for quite some time present a rougher and harder band than we hear on the self titled debut Dead By April. The growling has is lesser prominent and the clean singing sweeter than ever on record. At times it sounds like you have given a boy band some electric guitars.

But don't bee fooled, on the release party they trashed like hell and Dead By April are definitely a force to count with.