1. Black Gold
2. Falling down
3. LOL
4. King of Sin
5. Bethany
6. Mortal Illusions
7. What's next

Verdict: 7

Point Of Existence is a five man outfit that formed in 2004 and this is their debut release. Three of the members; Torbjörn Sandberg, Juan Gauthier and Stefan Sjöberg have previously played in the band T.A.R. together. T.A.R. released two albums before dissolving.

This album sure is an interesting experience. During the first listening it sounds like music sometimes. Sometimes the arrangements even are beautiful just to dissolve into a complete wall of seemingly random noises.

But the melodies of Point of Existence always rest on a strong melodic core despite the complex arrangements.

All sorts of elements are thrown into this musical stew and before you know they even play some shuffle beats and throw in some ambient parts as well.

Point of Existence truly are playing experimental music and the listener is really in for a musical adventure. You find all sorts of influences in here like doom, black and death metal and SOAD as well as Pink Floyd shines trough.

At times the singer sound like a Zack De La Rohca of Rage Against the Machine that has taken singing lessons from Dave Mustaine of Megadeath.

After a while 01 becomes tangible and we really enjoy what we hear. Point Of Existence is well worth a listen (or two). The press material states that Point of Existence have a vision to offer a huge stage show.

We really look forward to be invited when Point of Existence kick off with a stage show like Pink Floyd "The Wall"  together with their music that rocks Candlemass in their socks and scares the shit out of kid bands like Dimmur Borgir.