1. Simple Boy
  2. Goliath
  3. New Day
  4. Set Fire To The Hive
  5. Umbra
  6. All I Know
  7. The Medicine Wears Off
  8. The Caudal Lure
  9. Illumine
  10. Deadman
  11. Change

Verdict: 5

Sound awake is the second album by the Australian progressive rock band Karnivool and it's easy to tell that they have been around for a while. Karnivool has been been around since 1996 touring their home country extensively but they have also toured the States with Ankla, Skindred and Nonpoint.

They come across as a complete package of complex but yet extremely easy accessible melodies. The songs have been crafted with a playfulness that shines through in the final product. They don't shy away from the frail, fragile parts blended with powerful heavy driven riffs that gives a well balanced total listening experience. Karnivool resemble bands like the Canadian power trio Rush and Great Britains pride Marillion in their way of arranging songs.

In the mellow parts the singer Ian Kenny is brilliant but this guy is no David Draiman or Corey Taylor. In this flawless musical package he barely make it as metal singer relying to heavily on song dubs and that is really sad since it makes the album somewhat miss it's mark.