01 Intro
02 Cry To Yourself
03 All My Bridges
04 Take Me To The Edge
05 The Moon King
06 No One Knows His Name
07 In My Mind's Eye
08 Time To Cross That River
09 If I Ever Lose My Mind
10 A Face In The Crowd
11 Feels Like Trahison
12 Blood On Your Barbed Wire Thorns

Verdict: 9

Review of MAGNUM "In The Valley Of The Moonking"

is one of the true pioneers of symphonic hard rock and they have been around for ages. The singer Bob Catley has one of the Rock genres most distinguishable voices, copied by many awed by the rest. Magnum has forged a unique style of their own with their musical style and storytelling style of lyrics. We were spoiled with the original sound that we became used to on the suite of albums "Chase The Dragon", "The Eleventh Hour", "On a storytellers night", and "Wings Of Heaven". Magnums largest asset was without a doubt Tony Clarkins song writing abilities, it seemed like the man could pull great melodies out of his sleeves whenever he wanted.

Seduced by the idea that it would be a huge audience waiting around the corner if Magnum changed the sound and style ever so slightly. Magnum went for easy listening music and that was when Magnum left our radar, for over a decade.

With their last album "Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow" it was clear that they steered away from a "Modern" and "Hip" sound. Tony Clarkin is obviously aiming at something different. Back to the roots of the band, epic storytelling and epic music.

And we just love it!

As you might guess just by looking at the album cover "In The Vally Of The Moonking" it could be a direct sequel to "Princess Alice And the Broken Arrow". The track "Cry To Yourself" sets the pace from start. The songs are just beautifully crafted and Tony Clarkin has started to develop a bluesy guitar tone that almost could be mistaken for Bill Gibons of ZZ TOP at times, moody, crying and, just fantastic!

If you are into skate punk or death metal, don't bother this just isn't an album for you, but if you like eighties hard rock MAGNUM "In The Vally Of The Moonking" is the soundtrack for your summer!