1. Avenida Revolution
2. Soap On A Rope
3. Sexy Little Thing
4. Oh Yeah
5. Runnin'out
6. Get It Up
7. Down The Drain
8. My Kinda Girl
9. Learning To Fall
10. Turnin'left
11. Future In The Past

Verdict: 5

Review of Chickenfoot "ST"

We guess that everybody is familiar with the story about the "Bad Boys of VAN HALEN" by now. Chickenfoot is the the new Supergroup where Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar have joined forces in exil. To complete the group Chad Smith (Chillipeppers) sits in behind the drums and Joe Satriani ( You know the guitar teacher of Steve Vai) that really can make Eddie Van Halens head spin. This sound like a really interesting line up on paper.

But how well does it measure up in reality?

The rythm section is just dead steady delivering grooves that are smokin'. The rest really has a light weight FM rock quality to itself.

Nothing bad said about either Satriani or Hagar but come on...

Titles like "Soap On A Rope", "Oh Yeah", "Get It Up" and "Learning To Fall" you can guess that Sammy Hagar has been on his very best lyrics mode squeezing out nonsense all over this album.

We would really like to see Satriani paint with solo guitar ala Eddie Van Halen all over this production but the riff party is absent and that is just too bad.

If you are looking for an album to stick in your car stereo on the way to the beach we guess that CHICKENFOOT works just fine.

It is a disappointment for the rest of us.