1. Spirit black
2. Brlow
3. Road of the cross
4. The last revolution
5. City in between
6. Rock and roll angel
7. Burn your flame
8. World gone mad
9. I walk alone
10. The sun goes down

Verdict: 8

Review of JORN "Spirit Black"

The "Spirit Black" album showcases a slightly darker side of Jorn Lande than what we have become used to. He has a number of great albums behind him and were "Lonely are the Brave" sounded like something that would be a product by David Coverdale and his Whitesnake, "Spirit Black" sound more like Dio.

You know the Dio back on "Holy Diver" and "Last In Line"!

The Norwegian singer Jorn Lande belongs to the absolute elite in Hard Rock. He has made albums with Masterplan, Ark, Avantasia and the Symphony X singer Russell Allen.

This is without a doubt his most ambitious album so far.

If you are in to bands like Black Sabbath and Dio this just is a must. Skip Heaven and Hell and Candlemass and go directly for "Spirit Black". Take our word for it, you wont regret it! just about everything is better, the songs, the production and the singing performance is just stellar! What ever JORN may lack on originality he makes up exponentially in quality.

The album is so even that it is hard to pick out one track but if we would have to pick one track of JORN "Spirit Black" it has to be "Road of the cross".