1. 6 ft of anger
2. Time and again
3. King of nothing
4. Leave me alone
5. Come on in
6. Inside you
7. Bleed
8. Scarred
9. Token
10. All the voices
11. Enigma

Verdict: 8

Review of CORRODED " Eleven Shades Of Black"

We didn't see them coming..

But we sure noticed their arrival!

Corroded just released their debut album "Eleven Shades Of Black" and we wonder where this band has been all of our life? Because they surely didn't pull this Ace out of the sleeve from nowhere!

"Eleven Shades Of Black" is really something worth wasting your time and money on. This is probably the best debut album in its genre this year.

The songs are great, the lead singer is just amazing! And the production smells like a million dollars.

Let us just dig into that last statement a little bit:

When Corroded pick a single from this album they can simply toss a coin since the album as just as strong from the beginning to the end.

This is Heavy with a capital H. Corroded sound like they draw influences from bands like Alice in Chains, Candlemass and Motley Crue during the John Corabi years. But not necessarily all at once because Corroded allow the songs to drift into several directions, and we guess that is where they got the album title, "Eleven Shades Of Black" really suits the compositions.

And speaking of singer, Jens Westin vocals sound somewhat similar to David Draiman of Disturbed, at times there is a James Hetfield quality to his singing without loosing his own unique identity

Corroded kick some serious ass with the album "Eleven Shades Of Black" and we surely look forward seeing them on stage later this year.