1. He Sleeps In A Grove
2. Incubus
3. Kokko - Eagle Of Fire
4. Willow Of Tears
5. Shallow Waters
6. Lost Soul
7. Sons Of Seven Stars
8. Saga
9. Snowmaiden
10. Lionheart
11. Morning Star
12. Birth Of The Harp

Verdict: 6

Review of AMBERIAN DAWN "Clouds Of Northland Thunder"

Clouds Of Northland Thunder is the second album by the Finish female fronted Power Metal band Amberian Dawn.

The lyrics center around myths and fairytales and the rhythm section gallop along to melodies that are heavily draped with string arrangements. Amberian Dawn try to orchestrate something that is adventurous and dangerous. Just like almost all bands in this genre they end up sounding a bit to nice and polite.Amberian Dawn end up being music for the well adjusted mainstream teenage boy with a vivid imagination.

This album is extremely well preformed and it is obvious that the band is doing something that they truly love. There is a hunger present in the music and Amerian Dawn has some really good songs on Clouds Of Northland Thunder were" Shallow waters" and "Sons Of Seven Stars" really stand out. It would not surprise us at all if Amberian Dawn could grow into something big. The problem is that they currently are running in the tail water of their countrymen Nightwish and lack originality.

If you are into bands like Delain, Epica, Within Temptation and Nightwish, then Amberian Dawn surely will sit well in your record collection.