1. Back In Blood
2. We Own The Night
3. Dead N' Gone
4. The Good, The Bad & The Undead
5. Kiss Me Undead
6. Lips Of Blood
7. Dead Girls Are Easy
8. Night Watch
9. Some Kind Of Magick
10. Hunger
11. Suspiria Snow White
12. Eternal

Verdict: 8

The 69 Eyes is an interesting band in many ways. The guys in the band have very strong persona, almost like KISS or Slipknot but without masks or heavy makeup. Their music have drawn it's fuel from horror rock scene of the seventies as well as Elvis and most prominently of anything, Vampires. Throughout their career, spanning a good twenty years they have made a bunch of kick ass songs like "Brandon Lee", "Lost Boys", Gothic Girl" and"Devils" just to mention a few but many a time the fangs haven't been quite as sharp musically as the graphical appearance.

This is definitely going to change with "Back in Blood". The new album is heavier, harder, more driven and frankly a lot better than its predecessor Angels.

There are a bunch of really strong songs on this album ranging from driven rock (Back in Blood) to arena stompers like "The Good, The Bad & The Undead", "Dead Girls Are Easy" and "Dead n' Gone" that have monstrous choruses and the power ballad "Eternal" that even will make your grandma tap her toe.

We bet this will be the big break for the 69 Eyes. "Back in Blood" is their best album ever.