1. Utopia
  2. Last Man On Earth
  3. Fass Mich An
  4. Sarah Wanna Die
  5. My Fathers Eyes
  6. The Monsters Crawl
  7. Eyes Of A Child
  8. Heavy Rain
  9. For You I Will Die
  10. Underworld

Verdict: 6

AXXIS Utopia review

Utopia the new album from the German power metal veterans AXXIS. The strange thing is that this is the first album that reached our doorstep. The album cover look like something worthy of ASIA (or maybe WHITESNAKE) with a big water dragon/snake ridden by some type of sorcerers. We are a bit confused regarding the connection between this creature and Utopia but what the hell it looks cool.

AXXIS has released no less than thirteen albums since their birth some twenty years ago and as usual it is well performed with an obvious skill as it usually is with bands in this genre. Huge orchestration, fat choirs during the choruses and lyrics centering around fairytale makes this package slightly predictable. It simply has been done by so many bands for so long time and AXXIS lands right smack in the middle of them all. Not bad in any way but not splendid enough to take the lead either. The bands biggest asset is the singer Bernhard Weiss that has a unique singing style somewhat resembling Jon Anderson of YES. When the band turns into progressive mode AXXIS is great, they actually shine.

Utopia is a descent release by a solid band and we surely will keep up with AXXIS in the future.