1. Eclipse for the Son
  2. 4 Leaf Clover
  3. Peace of Mind
  4. Alive
  5. The Plan
  6. Murder by Pride
  7. Mercy Over Blame
  8. I Believe
  9. Run in You
  10. Love Is Why
  11. Everything
  12. My Love (I'll Always Show)

Verdict: 3

STRYPER Murder ByPride review

STRYPER was the odd band in Metal for quite some time back in the day. IRON MAIDEN did the 666, Number of the Beast and Venom started the Black Metal wave, STRYPER went about with White Metal, To hell with Satan....

Satan sends his regards, saying that it's quite comfortable to reign in hell...

We had more than one laugh at their choice back then, still STRYPER cranked out good solid material well worth a listen or two.

So how is STRYPER anno 2009 shaping up?

Well they place themselves right smack in the middle of the Radio rock highway. This space is occupied since ages by acts like Bon Jovi, Foreigner and Bryan Adams with their watered down arena rock. This type of music is depending on strong hooks and catchy choruses that contaminate your mind like the swine flu regardless what you think or wish.

So does STRYPER bring anything unique to the table with Murder By Pride? The answer is simply no.

If you are looking for white metal get a P.O.D, Underoath or As I lay Dying album instead

No white angel will change our mind regarding Murder By Pride no mater how much they beg and pray. Satan says this album just suck.