1. Devilizer
  2. Rise Of The Undead
  3. Never Say My Name
  4. Blast
  5. The Seal
  6. Dark Heart
  7. Impure
  8. Summoning The Futura
  9. Anger
  10. We Are Horde
  11. When The Sun Drowns In Dark

Verdict: 7

VADER Necropolis review

This is the eighth studio album from VADER, a Polish Death metal band has been around since 1983 and this concrete grinder show no signs of slowing down even the slightest.

The songs are surprisingly short and sleek. They all clock in at around three minutes except the last song that is a long history. This really help the material from being overly repetitive and the songs are really in your face demanding your attention every second.

The production is great and the overall sound of this album must be among the best in the genre. Everything has its own little place in the mix and you can actually recognize the instruments, this without lacking punch and directness. This makes the album Necropolis interesting to listen to since VADER is a surgical strike on your eardrums leaving absolutely nothing intact after impact.

If you are lethargic and down, Dr Satan will subscribe an ounce of Necropolis that ought to make you peppy and sparkling!