1. The Bogeyman
  2. Dominator
  3. Black and White
  4. Infected
  5. Heavy Metal Heaven
  6. Doomride
  7. Stillness of Time
  8. Devil's Rendezvous
  9. Pleasure In the Darkroom
  10. Speed Demon
  11. Whispers In the Dark

Verdict: 9

U.D.O. Dominator review

Udo Dirkschneider has his very own little Metal shrine in our hearts. He has been a part of making metal what it is today and has influenced generation after generation of newly hatched metal singers aiming for stardom.

U.D.O. Is his private playground (trust us, it is, even if Stefan Kaufmann is beating the drums) and he has been around since the late eighties and released twelve albums. Thats more than he released with ACCEPT back in the day folks!

U.D.O. has always produced music close the the German Heavy Metal oracle and it has always been of high quality back to back. Dominator stands well with the rest of the albums, not particularly good or bad until the drums of Heavy Metal Heaven starts to pound of the walls for the first time.

This is fucking fabulous!

This is the type of melody Oscar and Tobias would cut a few years of life life to come up with for their HAMMERFALL and EDGUY.

Epic, heavy, fantastic and could have been a great addition to any good old ACCEPT album.

From this point on you will listen to this album with respect. Doom Ride, Stillness of time, Devils rendezvous and Speed demon are all strong songs and Whispers in the dark is a bright shining diamond on the top of the Heavy metal mountain called Dominator!

This album is just bloody fabulous,get it!

Satan wants to know who green lighted the ugly ass cover art?