1. Cockroach
  2. Done by a fool
  3. Insomnia
  4. Empathy
  5. Understand Me
  6. Outer Edge
  7. Red run Disease
  8. Chill Pimp
  9. A Moment in Hands
  10. Rust
  11. Destination 7734

Verdict: 7

AGGRESSIVE CHILL Destination 7734 review

Aggressive Chill has a musical style where they blend alternative rock and 70's hard rock. I might seem like it should turn out dated and completely uninteresting but nothing could be more wrong when it comes to Aggressive Chill.

The leading track "Cockroach" starts of with a solid guitar riff leading you to believe that this is well crafted but pretty ordinary hard rock. Two minutes into that song when the symphonic orchestra is introduced the song takes on a 007 Bond kind of feel and it all kicks off into the stratosphere. The second song, "Done by a fool" starts of with great singing over a simple guitar riff before it turns into a killer tune, just making us eager to hear more. During "Insomnia" it is time to bring the strings up front in the massive power ballad. This tune could have worked as soundtrack to the movie Armageddon just as well as Aerosmith did. You get the picture?

"Empathy" is a faster and overall harder track showcasing some faster riffing and distorted vocals. We really believe that a tune like "Empathy will work well during the live set. Still it comes across as an average track on the album and it doesn't impress us much.

The first four tracks of the album really present the diversity of Aggressive Chill in the best possible manner, from here on you know what you are going to get. The strongest compositions on the album are "Done by a fool", Insomnia", "Understand me" and "Rust".

As soon as you get a sip of the blended result you will know that Aggressive Chill possess something that's quite rare these days. They posses good taste and a capability to capture that on tape. Aggressive Chill use that what have been used by thousands of bands before them still they manage to produce great music with an original feel.