marionette enemies cover art

  1. The Swine
  2. The Silver Spoon
  3. Stench Of The Herd
  4. Anthropomorphism
  5. Unhuman
  6. Hatelust
  7. The Slaughter
  8. The Lie
  9. Your Hands
  10. Creatures
  11. Through Veils
  12. Their Knifes

Verdict: 8

MARIONETTE Enemies Review

Enemies is the second full length album by MARIONETTE, a young and hungry band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. Right off the bat it is clear what this band is all about; pure energy just pours out of every composition they line up on this album. Most of the songs borders on the brink of total chaos, with a tad bit of melodic content thrown in at times to satisfy the fainthearted. The songs that first seem to be a wall of sound grows into something interesting. MARIONETTE has very little in common with their cousins IN FLAMES. Where IN FLAMES drift towards a more melodic, mainstream sound to satisfy the masses MARIONETTE create extreme soundscapes that just blow us away. MARIONETTE is not only relying on being a fast growling outfit, Enemies is an extreme and experimental musical experience.

MARIONETTE throw piano, synthesizer and acoustic guitar parts in there still this album is one evil little thing, not losing power in mellow parts. After a while Enemies start to become clearly recognizable, taking on an identity of its own, mainly because of the odd rhythms and guitar melodies thrown in there. Just listen to the themes on "Stench of the Herd", "The Silver Spoon" and "Creatures",great stuff!

Many albums that stick to growl can easily become tiresome but it seems like home turf for MARIONETTE. There is a plethora of musical twists and turns to make Enemies a really interesting listen, again, again and again.

Gotenburg has got a new sound and it is spelled MARIONETTE