Ace Frehley Anomaly
  1. Foxy & Free
  2. Outer Space
  3. Pain In The Neck
  4. Fox On The Run
  5. Genghis Khan
  6. Too Many Faces
  7. Change The World
  8. Space Bear
  9. A Little Below The Angels
  10. Sister
  11. It's A Great Life
  12. Fractured Quantum
  13. The Return of Space Bear

Verdict: 10

ACE FREHLEY really need no introduction at all. He left KISS when Gene and Paul cut their hair and wanted to do two theme albums that were supposed to become a movie. The Elder became a huge flop and ACE wanted to play rock and party. While Gene and Paul dated movie stars enjoying their fame Ace left the band and partied for the better half of a decade.

He did some attempts an his solo career but always falling back into his alcohol abuse. He cleaned up his act and did the reunion tour with the original members of KISS; Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons back in 1996.

Fast forward ten years and ACE has left KISS, Peter Criss is playing Jazz and Paul and Gene try to cash in on the KISS franchise with two hired sidekicks.

Ace is out doing festival gigs sounding better than ever, looking really healthy, and now he is about to release a solo album.

He is sober and everybody wonder if he still can produce a descent album and if he has lost his chops.

Anomaly, could be a huge disappointment.

The recognition factor is sky high right from the start, Foxy & Free could be a direct sequel to the original ACE FREHLEY solo album from 1978 complete with Anton Figg emulating Peter Criss drumming style. Ace has his fantastic plying style where he digs around with his pick to get the sound out the the Les Paul only Ace gets.

The song writing is just as you could expect from Ace, it takes a few listens before you find yourself humming the odd song line but then they stick with you and you start to love the album. It sounds "real" like albums rarely do these days, songs meant to play live. It is organic, as it was played live and just happened to end up on tape. We are talking Parasite, Ozone, Speeding back to my baby, Shock me and Rock Soldiers style! This is the real shit!

This is a smoking straight rock album sounding better than anything out there.

It is obvious that ACE FREHLEY had a massive impact on how KISS sounded, not the slick catchy tunes with Beatles vibes that Paul Stanley came up with but the raw unrefined energy that the band had in the early days.

Anomaly deliver and deliver until it get annoying that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley is about to release an album, less KISS than Anomaly.

For fucks sake send the man to the moon and let him be the first person to perform live there!

He is a living legend!