Takida the darker instinct

  1. Get Me Started
  2. As You Die
  3. End Is Near
  4. Never Alone Always Alone
  5. The Things We Owe
  6. Deadlock
  7. Walk On By
  8. Caroline
  9. Hours
  10. Between the Lines
  11. Tonight
  12. Trigger
  13. Too Late

Verdict: 5

This album has been slain by critics all over and that is not completely fair. TAKIDA for the twenty-first century what EUROPE was in the eighties. EUROPE were never particularly appreciated by the music critics, yet they were appreciated by a large portion of the causal radio listeners.

You hear TAKIDA music everywhere these days and the tunes sit in the ear of the listener just like a boxing glove fits on the fist of "Mighty Mike" Tyson.

Like it or not TAKIDA makes Metal available to the masses, that even if that song "Curly Sue" is cheesy as hell. The new album "The Darker Instinct" build on their wining formula and it works. The Darker Instinct deliver strong melodies ranging from Power Ballads to light weight Hard Rock, we predict that there will be a long line of radio singles from the Darker Instinct that will be played heavily on mainstream radio for a long long time.

So; if you hate TAKIDA you better take a long vacation because they will stay in the spotlight. Count on it.

Good or bad, they definitely deserve respect for their craftsmanship.