1. Dialectic Chaos
  2. This Day We Fight!
  3. 44 Minutes
  4. 1,320
  5. Bite The Hand That Feeds
  6. Bodies Left Behind
  7. Endgame
  8. The Hardest Part Of Letting Go... Sealed With A Kiss
  9. Head Crusher
  10. How the Story Ends
  11. Nothing Left To Lose

Verdict: 9

MEGADETH Endgame Review

Hi everybody, thank you for sharing with me in this meeting today.

My name is Dave and I'm an addict.

I have something to confess.

I was simply raising hell, fighting with my band mates, doing drugs and partying the night away instead of contributing to my band.
They kicked me out of what would become a Metal Band considered to be one of the biggest in the world. I was young, stupid and I feel that they have used a lot of my stuff. I contributed to this band and they have never given me the proper recognition.

I have had a hard time leaving that ghost behind me.

The only thing I really want to do is produce a kick ass album of my own proving once and for all that I am a worthy musician in my own right.

I have made this album Endgame that I would like to play for you, would that be OK?

People are moving uncomfortably in their chairs knowing that this guy has produced some really shitty albums that he has tried to force upon people, his vocal efforts has at times been painful to endure.

Yeah, do it, we chip in for ya.

Play it...


As the music start to bang of the wall everybody start to nod their heads to the music. The album kicks of with an instrumental track called Dialectic Chaos that is followed by The day we fight that reveal a real monster album.

Endgame really kick some serious ass!

It shows a band that is smelling morning air, ready for revenge. It can't solemnly boil down to the fact that Chris Broderick is Daves new sparring partner on guitar. This is something else. 44 Minutes is probably the first MEGADETH track that works well both for the hardcore fans as well as for the mainstream radio! You get the picture, the album has versatility, ranging from killer headbanging tracks to more mellow ones. Straight through Endgame is a collection of good songs.

Bite the hand is an speedy evil little thing with nice tempo changes adding to feel of the song. Bodies resembles Symphony of Destruction without cannibalizing the own back catalog.

The Hardest part Of Letting Go,Sealed With A Kiss starts of as an acoustic song with a presenting a rare softer side to Daves singing before the song kicks of into a harder part complete with string arrangements...

After the album has rung out Dave stands there alone before a dumbstruck audience that simply can't fathom the fact that MEGADETH finally has produced a real masterpiece.

This isn't a good MEGADETH album the is the best MEGADETH album, period!