Babylon Bombs

  1. Liberation
  2. Babylon ́s burning
  3. Ressurection love
  4. Nobody ́s home
  5. Angel eyes
  6. It ́s alright
  7. Anywhere the wind blows
  8. Winding road
  9. Rattle my bones
  10. Shine on
  11. Goodbye good luck
  12. Fade away

Verdict: 7

BABYLON BOMBS Babylon's Burning review

Swedish Sleaze Rock has had a huge revival with bands like Crash Diet, Hardcore Superstar and Backyard Babies. The latest release by Babylon Bombs, Babylon's Burning, proves that this is a genre here to stay.

With their feet firmly placed in the Swedish soil these guys prove that it's still possible to produce good quality music in a genre that most people believe died with the original lineup of Guns N' Roses.

Babylon's Burning is the third release by Babylon Bombs, a band constantly touring and this shines through in the result. Babylon Bombs is a tight band and there is a live feel to the entire album, this despite the fact that there are some massive string arrangements to be found on songs like "Liberation" that easily could have spoiled all the fun. Chris Laney has made great job keeping all the grit, dirt and raw energy intact on Babylon's Burning.

Babylon Bombs really start to sparkle with their star qualities when they break things down. "Resurrection Love" and "It's alright" brings the best out of this band with it's southern style. We really can smell the Louisiana swamp where Babylon's Burning must have been recorded (the album was in fact recorded at the classic Polar Studio). "Resurrection Love" has potential to become a massive radio hit. Rockers knowing their history might pick up the resemblance to "Uncle Toms Cabin" made by Warrant. It's not a copy, this simply is a fantastic sequel to a great song.

The guys in Babylon Bombs are rocking and as we chip away the surface with our pickaxe gold shines through.