Paradise Lost 2009 Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us

  1. As Horizons End
  2. I Remain
  3. First Light
  4. Frailty
  5. Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
  6. The Rise Of Denial
  7. Living With Scars
  8. Last Regret
  9. Universal Dream
  10. In Truth

Verdict: 9

PARADISE LOST Faith Divide us- Death unites us review

What can we say. A true Paradise Lost album. As heavy as it is supposed to be.

Still we love the period from one second-still life the most, but we have always loved Paradise Lost because they never stop to evolve. Paradise Lost always manage to take their music to yet another amazing level. Of course they have succeeded to create another masterpiece of the darkest and heaviest metal there is.

But it seems as Paradise Lost who always been leading the development of goth metal, now also dared to take in some influences of other bands, like the song "Living with Scars" that has a smell of Slipknot or Opeth.

The song Frailty, which must be their fastest song ever, has almost black-metal influences, but of course they do it in a Paradise Lost sort of way.

Faith Divide us- Death unites us is yet another masterpiece from one of the metal-scenes most underestimated bands. The guys should really be playing in the same league as Metallica, or at least not that very far behind.