KISS Sonic Boom

  1. Modern Day Delilah
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. Never Enough
  4. Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)
  5. Stand
  6. Hot And Cold
  7. All For The Glory
  8. Danger Us
  9. I'm An Animal
  10. When Lightning Strikes
  11. Say Yeah

Verdict: 6

KISS Sonic Boom review

Everybody will compare this album to the solo work of Space Ace so we will not trade any punches since it's completely pointless. KISS is an institution, Ace Frehley, he is a guitar legend.

The hype is up, Sonic Boom is supposedly sounding like a classical KISS album from back in the day. The KISS marketing machine is in operation selling anything, really anything. But on the other hand Paul Stanley is a tremendous composer and he proved it on his solo album the other year.

So we are quite excited about the fact that the remains of the KISS camp would release another album after all the controversial statements from Gene Simmons that they never would release another album.

So what does this lady pack under the hood?

The album starts off with a track that widely has been available for streaming online "Modern Day Delilah". Unmistakably a KISS tune but is it classic?


It sounds like a leftover from the "Animalize" sessions. On top of that its not even a good tune, not even with KISS standards. Next up is "Russian Roulette" that wear the Gene Simmons insignia all over it. A poor verse sung over some odd bass line. The chorus is pretty straight forward. Average work here.

"Never Enough" really sounds like old KISS including a lot off classy classic KISS stuff. Gene has his best "Plaster Caster" style bas playing. You find Eric Singer working his Peter Criss style drumming, just listen to the toms and tambourines in the chorus gives a "Tomorrow and Tonight" feel. Thumbs up!

"Yes I know" has a cowbell going, and Gene blasts off a pretty standard tune, Tommy is trying his very best to sound like Ace but fails miserably, those licks were all invented by someone else.

"Stand" is the first song were Gene and Paul start to trade vocals in the verse and this is a good tune, no doubt about it almost have "God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You" (Argent, Russ Ballard) feel to it . The drum roll that ends the song has been done before. On a KISS album.

"Hot And Cold" has some resemblance of "Love Em Leave Em" but it simply doesn't stand for itself. Sub par even on "Sonic Boom".

"All For The Glory" is sung by Eric the second (and dubbed by Paul) and he really does a great job on this really strong tune. "All For The Glory" will definitely sit well of a KISS live set complete with a great sing along chorus.

"Danger Us" kicks off with a riff that sound like if Tommy is trying his very best to play "Take Me" for the first time. So now we all know that Tommy Thayer can't play "Take Me" but isn't this the new KISS album? Not good at all.

"I'm An Animal" is a try to do a "God Of Thunder" Mac II and it works pretty well. Slow and Heavy almost "She" feel to it. The song is thrown into a part that really rips off "Watching You" in the worst kinda way. Not cool...

"Lightning Strikes" works well and who is that we hear singing?! This guy sound like Paul and Gene blended into one. Great singing work on this one. Sounds like classic KISS all the way.

The riff in the beginning of "Say Yeah" sounds awfully lot like "If God was One Of Us", but apart from that this is a fairly good song.

To sum things up is this an album better than "Kiss", "Hotter Than Hell" or "Destroyer"? Never in a hundred thousand years. This is an album were KISS recycles bits and pieces of their own old material. That is great if you want to go Green but does it work for KISS? Sure it's better than a lot of the shit that you here on the radio.

The question is; will this be the first ever Billboard Nr.1 album for KISS?