Scar Symmetry

  1. The Iconclast
  2. The Consciousness Eaters
  3. Noumenon and Phenomenon
  4. Ascension Chamber
  5. Mechanical Soul Cybernetics
  6. Non-Human Era
  7. Dark Matter Dimensions
  8. Sculptor Void
  9. A Parenthesis in Eternity
  10. Frequency-Shifter
  11. Radiant Strain

Verdict: 6

SCAR SYMMETRY Dark Matter Dimensions

The last album "Holographic Universe" is one of our favorite albums of all times and we were not all that happy when the band parted ways with their singer Christian Älvestam

Christian simply couldn't perform a lot of the material live because of its complexity. No singer would, its not simply not possible. It was time for SCAR SYMMETRY to shed skin.

"Dark Matter Dimensions" is the first album showcasing not only one new singer but two. Like it or not it definitely has an effect on the result. No matter how capable Christian was the singing on the album is just ripping!

The band seem to be euphoric over the fact that they finally can tour and perform all of their material. SCAR SYMMETRY has been suffering from the fact that one vice just wasn't enough. Now they push the pedal to the metal and invites us on the ride.

Jonas Kjellgren, Guitarist and creative engine in the group has stated that the new album is going to be more of everything, softer, harder, heavier, leaner.

We don't agree.

SCAR SYMMETRY anno 2009 is more evil than ever.

There are still melodies and clean vocals in there but we find Black Metal, Death Metal, Vocoded, Distorted and pure chord ripping screaming vocals on Dark matter Dimensions.

The sonic landscapes and rhythms are complicated, constantly changing, twisting, turning stretching whats possible to do. Some portions of the album leaves absolutely amazed like "Non Human Era", "Sculptor Era" and "Noumenon And Phenomenon".

Dark Matter Dimensions is blasting away like few things around, it simply is over the top in every sense. It remains to be seen if SCAR SYMMETRY can continue like this or if they simply will self-combust.