1. God save the Spleen
  2. Hip Hip Hoorah
  3. Teargas Jazz
  4. Sick (Death by Hypochondria)
  5. OK
  6. Honey, You're a Nazi
  7. The Only Way
  8. Murder Groupie
  9. The Smell of Time
  10. One Last Dance
  11. Do Not Disturb
  12. Clean it up

Verdict: 5

FREAK KITCHEN Land Of The Freaks review

If you are gifted with a guitarist like Mattias Eklundh in your band you are destined to end up sounding like Freak Kitchen. It simply is inevitable. Mattias is often mentioned together with celebrities like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and the word virtuoso is really close at hand.

Freak Kitchen is a progressive metal act at it's best or worst. All depending on what your taste in music is. Land Of The Freaks is the seventh album by this trio and it has taken over three years to finalize. This is as perfect as it ever will get and the technical tricks is all over the place. The production is clean and fairly dry so the slightest error would be easy to trace when no reverb tails blur the sound. But of course there aren't any. Complicated rhythms alters and twists, in and out of sync and when you are certain that the music just has fallen apart completely it snaps back into a steady 4/4. All just to prove how skilled these fantastic musicians actually are. And they truly are fantastic musicians.

That is when we are supposed to clap our hands in awe. Some might, we have already grown tired and moved on.

You might love Freak Kitchen we can't stand them.