1. Rammlied
  2. Ich tu dir Weh
  3. Waidmanns Hei
  4. Haifisch
  5. "B********
  6. Frühling in Paris
  7. Wiener Blut
  8. Pussy
  9. Liebe ist für alle da
  10. Mehr
  11. Roter Sand

Verdict: 8

RAMMSTEIN Liebe ist fur alle da review

These Germans have constantly provoked and caused massive headlines in the press all over the world with their bad-taste pranks. Always driving their ideas over the top; Other bands use fire on stage, lets put our singer on fire. Other bands have a violent expression, lets have a song about the cannibal who ate the genitals of his victim?

This is Rammstein in a nutshell.

No band makes noise like Rammstein.

So now after a few years of relative silence it's time for Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da. The first single "Pussy" is accompanied by a video that is groundbreaking. No matter what you think of it. No band has ever taken it to the place where producer Jonas Åkerlund has gone with Rammstein. Porn, XXX, nothing is censored here...

So what about the album, is it any good?

Rammstein has produced a couple of halfhearted albums, while the Reise Reise album had a few great songs on it the Rosenrot album is lame. Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da is good old Rammstein album. Rammlied, Ich Tu Dir Weh, Waidmanns Heil, Pussy and Mehr all sound like good old songs that could come right off Sehnsucht or the Mutter albums. The album lose a bit of the energy in the middle where Fruhling in Paris is the low point.

This really is a no-brainer, just go and pick up the album.

Whether we recommend the live show is a completely different story... We only can guess what will be on display on stage as well as on the big screens when Rammstein lands in your town. In some countries the cops will be waiting. Already at the customs control.