1. Birth
  2. You better be dead
  3. Quake
  4. Redemption
  5. Mute
  6. Pyroclastic storms
  7. Deceived
  8. Demonride
  9. Hate
  10. Tears

Verdict: 6

IGNEOUS HUMAN Pyroclastic Storms review

Igneous rock is lava rock (ignis in latin means fire). Igneous Human could be a rockin' human. That seems suiting name for a band that transform lethal red hot rock into something solid but yet beautiful.

This band hails from Falköping in Sweden and Pyroclastic Storms is the debut album. The first track has fittingly been named "Birth". Is a good solid stomper with a dark vibe to it. The third track, "Quake" is slightly different in its production. This song sound like it is related to Rammsteins "Mein Teil". The guitar riffing in this song is really led heavy. Great song.

The title track "Pyroclastic Storm" kicks off with a really groovy 6/4 beat that doesn't seem forced at all. Cool thing to keep changing the rhythms around through the song and have a chorus in shuffle. "Deceived" sound like a classic rock tune on steroids with fat layered guitars. We think that this tune could have benefited from some some clean (well maybe not too clean) vocals.

Igneous Human draws influences from all over the place on Pyroclastic Storms, classic rock, eighties metal as well as modern style growling singing. Still they maintain a distinct own sound.

The last track is really disconnected from the rest of the album but we can understand why "Tears" was kept on Pyroclastic Storms. It showcase a beautiful horn arrangement that accompanies a classical guitar. This could just a well have been right off a Hans Zimmerman composed Movie soundtrack.

"Firestorms" is a suiting album name for this red hot album, by the new bad boys on the block Igneous Human.