1. Invincible
  2. One love
  3. Brothers In Arms
  4. Comes Down Like Rain
  5. Running From The Heartache
  6. I'll Be There
  7. Damage Is Done
  8. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  9. One Day At A Time
  10. Just Go
  11. My Everything
  12. If I Fall

Verdict: 8

W.E.T. st Review

Jeff Scott Soto is one of the industries most well renown rock singers. A mercenary lending his voice to the highest bidder. He lift the mediocre to incredible heights with his fantastic singing. W.E.T. is two of Frontiers most gifted writers pulling a Roadrunner united type of thing off together with one of the best rock voices there is.

We initially stayed clear of W.E.T. for several reasons. AOR is a style of music that often tend to hide mediocre songwriting beyond a fantastic production. We are not to fond of JSS solo album. We firmly believe that the best teenage anthems were written back in the late eighties when bands like Journey, Whitesnake (during the Vandenberg era), Def Leppard, and Giant had their day. The style also tend to be a bit too cheesy if it's not pulled off in the right way.

We didn't listen to the W.E.T. album right away, we gave the DVD a spin, and we were completely blown away by what we heard!

"Comes Down Like Rain" is so sensitive, yet powerful and it actually feels like there is a whole lot of passion behind the songwriting and performance in W.E.T.. "Brothers In Arms", "Damage Is Done" and "Running From The Heartache" are all fantastic songs. Erik Mårtensson and Robert Säll have made one hell of a job writing the tunes on W.E.T.. They have carefully blended the soft with a fair share of heavy guitar riffing and blazing guitar solos that gives this album a diversity beyond the most things released today.

Erik and Robert must have spent many sleepless nights in their project studios to end up with this outstanding result.

In the interview material on the DVD Jeff clearly states that W.E.T. was intended as a one off kind off thing but that he really would like to take W.E.T. Out on the road if there is a demand. That sure would be something to see!

On a side note it's really sentimental to see that the late Marcel Jacob is featured on all the W.E.T. videos. He seems battered and sick but in a great mood joking around with the rest of the guys. Marcel Jacob committed suicide in July 2009 after a lengthy fight with health issues.