1. Forsaker
  2. The Longest
  3. Year Idle Blood
  4. Onward Into Battle
  5. Liberation
  6. The Promise of Deceit
  7. Nephilim
  8. New Night
  9. Inheritance
  10. Day and Then the Shade
  11. Ashen

Verdict: 7


KATATONIA Night Is The New Day Review

Katatonia is one wicked band, making their own rules as they go along. Where mainstream band rely on standard formats for their music and dread straying to far from the formula that once made them famous Katatonia don't give a shit. Odd rhythms are piled to build strange compositions sometimes mellow,sometimes hard. Naked sequenced rhythm arrangements together with a song line shift into massive wall of sound complete with orchestral string arrangements. Katatonia seem to do pretty much what they feel like still it sounds like nothing else.

Katatonia has forged a style of their own.

If we have to compare them with something it would be a Gothic band like Paradise Lost or progressive bands like Opeth and Tool.  But Katatonia resemble Katatonia more than anything else.

The album is low key and the harder side sits in the backseat on Nigh Is The New Day. This actually makes the new album darker and more sinister than the regular Katatonia album. There is a lack of an obvious radio single from this album. That really isn't a problem for the familiar listener since the overall quality of the material is high, really high. "Day and Then the Shade" has been selected as the first single, a track that is slightly more easy accessible than the rest of the material.

"Night Is The New Day" is Gloomy, dark and strangely enough fragile and beautiful in it's own very distinct way