1. We Weren't Born to Follow
  2. When We Were Beautiful
  3. Work for the Working Man
  4. Superman Tonight
  5. Bullet
  6. Thorn in My Side
  7. Live Before You Die
  8. Broken promise land
  9. Love's the Only Rule
  10. Fast Cars
  11. Happy Now
  12. Learn to Love

Verdict: 4


BON JOVI The Circle Review

When Bon Jovi kicked off their career back in the eighties the were a major force in the the Hair Metal movement. A Bon Jovi poster draped just about every second girls dorm room wall and they sold huge amounts of albums. The arena bands were in demand until Mr Cobain and the grunge entered stage left and all of a sudden men in tights and frizzy hair were out of fashion, forever. Bon Jovi had produced a long list of great memorable songs etched into the memories of a generation of kids. So for obvious reasons Jon Bon Jovi has been more interested in his acting career than making music for quite a few years.

A few years back it was time to introduce Bon Jovi Mac II with the "Crush" album, an album that had a more mainstream rock approach. All of a sudden Bon Jovi was a band sounding something like Bryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen. This might have been a smart move since they got the opportunity to reach out to a new generation of teenagers with their songs. And once more the touring band wagon was in movement, Bon Jovi did sold out arena tours on several continents.

Bon Jovi has been hugely successful throughout their entire career and has sold well over 100 million albums. And a considerable amount of albums has been shifted this millennium.

But the question is how good are they today? Is the new album sounding like "Keep the Faith" or is it a country album? The Circle is made up of a bunch of easy listening songs that fit well onto the mainstream radio regardless if it is a Country, Rock or just an easy listening station. The lyrics circle around the fact that the working man has tough times.

Well, the millionaires in Bon Jovi aren't the perfect spokespersons for those in need, but what the hell. Bon Jovi has been all about easy listening since day one and that is precisely what The Circle is all about. Shrewdly commercial? Yes!

Bad? Certainly not!

And the Circle will surely be considered as a great album by the fans as well as the record company.
The rest of us will just shake our heads as we hear the songs over and over on the radio wherever we go.