01. Stampede
02. Dying Breed
03. Dark Side Of My Heart
04. Fall Of The Empire
05. Trail Of Tears
06. Wanna Be Free
07. 200 Years
08. Bloodbath Mastermind
09. From The Ashes We Rise
10. The Curse
11. Final Journey


Verdict: 9


Accept - Blind Rage

The legendary German Heavy Metal band Accept has served the world honorably making the finest music one ever could expect. During the first half of the eighties this band produced music forging the metal scene for the decades to come. Albums like Metal Heart, Balls to the Wall and Restless and Wild are all classics. 

While bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest has been raised to the stars Accept still haven't quite received the acknowledgment they are worthy of. One reason might be the fact that Udo Dirkschneider left the band and launched a quite successful solo career leaving the band without a large ingredient in their sound, the angry chainsaw sound of the vocalist.

The metal monster Accept has been in a long hibernation since the departure of the singer. Despite that the band has shown some sporadic signs of life over the years it is first when Mark Tornillo grabbed the microphone and showed us all that Accept had more to deliver.

With the hugely hyped album Blood of Nations we experienced that the band had a new singer sounding just like Udo, or maybe even better. But the songs didn't quite convince. I have seen the band a few times with Mark and the band has delivered live, every time. He sings the old goodies like a champion and tracks like Metal Heart and Balls to the walls come alive once more.

Now after a few albums it seems like the band deliver better than ever on tape as well. Blind Rage is a collection of songs that are just as good as the good old albums that we all love.Tracks like Dying Breed, Dark Side of My Heart, Fall of The Empire and Trail of tears are exactly what a fan of the band dream of. Heavy riffs, epic quires and damn good performance by Mark Tornillo. Some other high points on the album are Wanna Be Free and From The Ashes that both really are stellar tracks. Lets hope that they include these tracks into the live show.

It is however really strange that they let a poor track like Stampede open the album. But don't let that track scare you away, this is a damn good album.

Wolf Hoffman comment on working with Andy Sneap once again:

“It’s getting easier by the time, because the blueprints are getting clearer and you get to the point so much faster – meaning, the dynamics are already shown during the first recordings.”