1. Follow The Dreamer
  2. Never Surrender
  3. Traces Of Fire
  4. Fairytale
  5. Dangerous
  6. Victim Of A Crime
  7. Broken Wings
  8. Push It To The Limit
  9. Take Me High
  10. Away
  11. Long Live The Heroes

Verdict: 6

MISSING TIDE Follow The Dreamer Review

Members of Pretty Maids, Kingdom Come and Royal Hunt has Missing Tide as their nice little side project since 2007. The album cover would imply that this album would sound like Gothic Metal, nothing could be more wrong.

This is a classic Melodic Metal album back to back. If you dig Dio, Judas Priest or any old German Metal like Accept, Scorpions or Helloween this really is no brainier.

The song writing is even and the overall quality is really high. On "Broken Wings" they have a borderline on becoming just as cheesy as many bands were back in the day, with their Power Ballads with broken heart love themed lyrics. The guitar work on Follow The Dreamer is just a flashy and over the top as you would expect on this type of album.

This is simply a fantastic album for any retro rocker out there that has grown tired of their vinyl album collection and want to fast forward directly to 2009.

Even those of you not overly enthusiastic about middle aged rockers in tight pants could possibly find some joy in listening to the album. Not because it is that hard, sophisticated or fast but simply because of the great performances by musicians involved.

The songs: "Follow The Dreamer", "Fairytale", "Victim Of A Crime" and "Away" comes across as slightly stronger than the rest on a really solid rock release.