1. Escape
  2. Night of the Hunter
  3. Kings and Queens
  4. This Is War
  5. 100 Suns
  6. Hurricane
  7. Closer to the Edge
  8. Vox Populi
  9. Search and Destroy
  10. Alibi
  11. Stranger in a Strange Land
  12. L490

Verdict: 10

30 SECONDS TO MARS This Is War Review

We never gave a shit about the hyped band 30 Seconds To Mars.

Who would listen to some shitty music by the crappy actor Jared Leto and his brother? Quite a few actors have tried this stunt and always failed miserably; Don Johnson, Peter Stormare and Keanu Reves just to mention a few.

The single of their A Beatiful Lie album sounded decent but we stayed clear until they opened up for Linkin Park and absolutely shredded any resistance that we possibly could muster. They blew us away completely with their fantastic live performance. One of the guys in the band got electricuted, the band left the stage and cut the set short.

Jared entered the stage solo, asked the audience to lite up their phones and did an acoustic version of "A Modern myth". Possibly one of the best performances by any artist that we ever have seen on stage.

It easy enough to understand that we have re-evaluated our standpoint on 30 Seconds To Mars since then and given A Beautiful Lie many listens since. 

30 Seconds To Mars has delayed their third album quite a few times and even got sued by Virgin/EMI records over their lack of productivity. But now it is finally time to judge their third effort, This Is War.

This isn't just another random album. 30 Seconds To Mars set the feeling of this album right from the start with "Escape".  The track starts off with music that could come off a movie soundtrack building suspense, Jareds low pitched tense singing and then a thousand fans in the choir blasting away "This Is War".


Tasteful, that sure ought to work great live.

The songs seem to be written with live performance in mind. The title track is started with the scream of a hawk and the roar of the army of 30 Seconds To Mars fans that surely will greet them on tour around the world when they tour on the back of this release.

The Choir that is used throughout the album to create a live feel to the album and it works splendid. We don't just love the songs we hear, we want to hear them live. We want to be a part of this massive spectacle and we all have been invited to join them on "Escape" ,"Kings And Queens", "100 Suns", "Hurricane" and "A Call To Arms".  The massive sing along choir must be the result of "the Summit" where 30 Seconds to Mars invited fans to participate in the recording of the album. It was commented like this by Jared:

"The Summit was an experiment in our recording process, and we were just trying to think of ways that we could deepen the connection between ourselves and our family of fans around the world. We do that often, and think of ways to break the boundary. And we thought, 'How great would it be to invite the world to come and be a part of the next 30 Seconds to Mars album?"

They sure succeeded in that!

There aren't many bands able to write massive hits like "This Is War" is filled with from start to end. They blend easy listening elements from Def Leppard with guitar riffing from U2, emotional element that would sit well on an A Fire Inside album into their own very distinct sound.

This is one hell of a great album. Just pick it up and start to rehearse, you never know when 30 Seconds To Mars decide to draft their army anywhere close to you.