Dommin Love Is Gone

  1. My Heart, Your Hands
  2. New
  3. Evenfall Hollow
  4. Tonight
  5. Love Is Gone
  6. Dark Holiday
  7. Without End
  8. Within Reach
  9. Closure
  10. Making The Most
  11. One Feeling
  12. I Still Lost
  13. One Eye Open
  14. Honestly

Verdict: 6

 DOMMIN Love Is Gone Review

DOMMIN is the latest hype. We don't know shit about this band apart from the fact that this is their first release on a major label and that they already are out on an extensive marketing trip.

The Lost Boys of Dommin clock in somewhere between THE MISFITS, HIM and TYPE O NEGATIVE. Doesn't sound too exciting and it isn't. Domin is a lightweight band in comparison to all of the before mentioned. The album production is smooth and nice wit a lot of sequenced backgrounds filling out the rather frail musical arrangements with a lot of pads, bells and shit.

Does it stick to ya?

Sure it does, this is easy listening music for kids just finding the joys of Gothic Rock for the first time. A little bit dangerous and mystic and good looking enough to land on posters in the kids room.

Will Dommin make a lasting impression in music history?

We guess that Dommin live in symbiosis with the Twilight movie series. If Twilight stays around so will Dommin. Give them a few albums under the belt and they will develop into a real mean creature of the night.