HighwayPirates 01. Highway Pirates
02. Back on the road
03. Stay wild
04. Blood run hot
05. Fire and dynamite
06. Down and out
07. Knuckleduster
08. Heavy metal dynamite
09. Citylights
10. Into the night

Verdict: 8

BULLET Highway Pirates Review

Bullet is old school, with a sound that reminds you of bands like Judas Priest, Saxon and AC/DC.  It really doesn't matter if Bullet hit the stage as special guest (like the Hammerfall and AC/DC) or doing festival gigs (like the Sonisphere warm up day in Stockholm an SRF) they just deliver. Bullet like to stay on the road and they win over the audience every single time they enter the stage. Their high energy style and a genuine love for kick ass music is a winning concept that works even even the lamest of crowds and this is how Bullet build their fortune.

The old school style of Bullet could easily end up being generic and uninteresting since it is a path that has been beaten by so many classic bands before the. But the awkward moments where you recognise the stolen parts never occur. Bullet staple one good original song after another on Highway Pirates. Bullet are not straying one millimetres from their style yet new album is by far their best album to date. It is the subtle things that capture us on Highway Pirates. In a time when you have hundreds of guitar effects in each synthetic pre-amp out here we really appreciate the dry guitar sound lacking excess overdrive. The layered guitar work on Highway Pirates is top notch, and the melodies would fit on any old classic Accept album. We have have grown quite fond of these Vaxjo gentlemen and their new little gem, Highway Pirates have been spinning constantly. Bullet are driving in the middle of the road but yet forging a style very much their own. Bullet are doing what hundreds of cover bands around the world only dare to dream of, become as good as your Heroes.

The Dag "Hell" Hofer style of singing just can't pass uncommented. At first Udo Dirkschneider comes to our minds but at times he sound like other classy classic singers. We pick up influences from Brian Jones, Paul Rodgers and Dan McCafferty of Nazareth as well.

By the way, Biff Byford of Saxon is doing a genuine guest performance on the title track of the album but we aren't certain that his help does that much of a difference.