1. Immortal
  2. In The Night
  3. Bang Your Head
  4. See The Light
  5. Electric
  6. Frostbite
  7. On The Wind
  8. The Ballad
  9. In The Fires Of The Sun
  10. Mean Machine
  11. Kill, Burn, Be Evil
  12. The Unchosen One

Verdict: 8

Dream Evil In the Night review

Dream Evil is doing what everyone else have done during the latest twenty years blended into their own little poison brew. They are shamelessly stealing bits and pieces from all the classic metal bands out there, enjoying every minute of it. If there is a cliche out there Dream Evil will make use of it but still they avoid becoming another Spinal Tap. This is simply because they are so damn good. We believe that "The Book of Heavy Metal" is the best album Dream Evil have produced so far and that the material that they have dished out since has been slightly weaker.

That was up until now...

"In The Night" is filled up with incredibly strong songs, back to back they fighting for your attention. It doesn't matter if you like cheesy power ballads or faster harder material, you will find what you are looking for.  It all comes in a package performed by the great seasoned immortal army that goes by the name, Dream Evil.