1. Where Angels Die
  2. Am I Blind
  3. I'm The Crucifix
  4. A Remissin of My Sins
  5. Save Me
  6. Lost Forever
  7. For My Familly And Satan
  8. In Anger
  9. End Of The Road
  10. Stone By Stone
  11. Moving On (Instrumental)

Verdict: 7

HELLFUELED Emission Of Sins Review

There are dozens of singers out there in major bands doing the same thing just that they don't' happen to copy the Ozzman. Hellfueled has constantly taken a beating for the resemblance to Ozzy just like that would be a bad thing. Well, Fuck them!

Hellfueled rock! Originality is really overrate in a business were the majority of the bands out there can't write decent songs and sound like they have shat their pants, screaming their asses off.

Emissions Of Sins sound like.... like Hellfueled! Sure enough the singer Andy Alkman resembles Ozzy and the fat guitar riffs at times sound like they could have been invented by Mr Wyld and that actually is one of this bands biggest assets. Ozzy isn't much of a prince of darkness anymore, making Beatles covers and soap operas has replaced his shredder. Hellfueled gives you a better bang for the buck. We recommend you give Emission Of Sins benefit of doubt this is a great band producing high quality material.

Over and out.