1. Shadow in Our Blood
  2. Dream Oblivion
  3. The Fatalist
  4. In My Absence
  5. The Grandest Accusation
  6. At the Point of Ignition
  7. Her Silent Language
  8. Arkhangelsk
  9. I Am the Void
  10. Surface the Infinite
  11. Iridium

Verdict: 7


Dark Tranquility have been around since 1993 when they released their debut album Skydancer. This is a considerable time for a death metal band, they together with In Flames actually are one of the bands that have forged melodic death metal into what it today is.

Dark Tranquility haven't received any particular recognition for this fact but lately things seem to have started to pick up speed around the band. The last album Fiction had quite a few songs on it leaving more room for a goth oriented sound and the single Miserys Crown" were a shiny gem granting them quite a bit of radio play.

Mainstream recognition is just what the die hard fans hate, especially when the music has a lot more Gothic elements. So now when We are the Void comes around we are happy that it picks up where Fiction ended.

Mikael Stanne look and sound a lot like Nick Holmes little brother at times and we just love it.

There is a huge difference between In flames and Dark Tranquility, In Flames have nurtured their melodic side until their have developed a borderline disease of POP. This would never happen to DT who have their feet firmly planted in utter solid darkness.

DT take turns towards black metal and goth but never ever become easy listening, while In Flames strive to write lullaby songs Dark Tranquility emit pure angst, sweat and horror. This fact is an asset as well as a part of the problem. DT will never become big unless they sell out and that will just never happen. Arkhangelsk and Her Silent Language stand out as the best tunes on one of the strongest DT albums ever.