01 Prelude - Coup de Grace
02 The War Is Over
03 All In
04 Paper Tiger
05 Roar
06 A Life To Die For
07 Tangled Up
08 Skies of Mongolia
09 Heaven Can Wait
10 I'm Not Runnin'
11 No Way Without You
12 We Own The Night
13 All For Love
14 Breathless

Verdict: 6

TREAT, Coupe De Grace Review

Some twenty plus years ago Treat lived a life in the shadow of successful Swedish hair metal acts like Europe and Easy Action. Treat were one of the few bands that draw a female audience, and they did that since they played in the softer league and had their high points with power ballads. So the question is if there really is any point for a cheesy old hair metal band to return to the stage twenty years later for a reunion? Will there be any audience in front of the stage today?

Who is really longing for a Treat reunion?

After a slow intro Coup de Grace kicks off with a surprisingly fast, tight and vital upbeat track "The Wars Is Over".

Were Treat really this good? Has time somehow twisted our memory of the band to their disadvantage? We definitely will have to check up on that.

We remember Treat as a band closer to Journey rather than Pretty Maids....

The mix is open and roomy, not cramped with sounds. The band really glow and thee are no doubts that these boys have practiced over the years. Next track "All In" sound is a rock steady tune with a sing along chorus that everybody will be able to pick up the first time they hear the song. Next track "Paper Tiger" is somewhat conventional, but still it sounds a lot better than we remembered Treat. The song "Roar" display some real guitar riffing worthy of the name. This actually might be the best track on the entire album with a good song line on top of the solid guitar work.

Towards the end the album display a number of songs that sound more like we remember Treat, "Heaven Can Wait", "We Own The Night" and "All For Love" all display that Loverboy trademark sound we recall from back in the day.

But considering where they come from this really is a quite impressive effort. The reunited Treat is better in every way than they were back in the day. Better compositions, it's better performed, it is harder, heavier and still we can recognize... well, Treat.

Time to whip out that old dusty vinyl album. Where is it now...

Yeah here it is, Scratch 'N Bite. Hahaha, that's a stupid name on an album! This shit sound like disco!

Well we didn't remember that wrong after all...

Treat sucked big time back in the day, now they are back with a vengeance to put things right!