01 Raised On Rock
02 Sting In The Tail
03 Slave Me
04 The Good Die Young
05 No Limit
06 Rock Zone
07 Lorelei
08 Turn You On
09 Let's Rock
10 SLY
11 Spirit Of Rock
12 The Best Is Yet To Come

Verdict: 7

SCORPIONS Sting In The Tail Review

SCORPIONS, our favorite grandfathers of hard rock. They proved to the world that you could make it even if spoke English with a heavy German accent and didn't understand half of your own lyrics. Just as long as you did the right poses on stage and composed killer guitar rock everything was forgiven.

SCORPIONS actually have been around since the early seventies, the musical style has always had an edge to it since the very beginning. SCORPIONS paved the way for bands like Accept, Helloween, Rammstein and many many more. They have made dozens great rock songs and is definitely one of the bands that has influenced a huge number of younger bands. One big difference between Scorpions and most other acts is that the core of the band has stayed intact and that they never have stopped playing together over the thirty and some years that have passed.

On January 24 SCORPIONS announced that Sting In The Tail will be their last album and that the tour supporting it will be their last tour. This brings some question to our mind, will this become a KISS moment and SCORPIONS will head out on a never ending world tour?

Has the band lost the spirit completely?

Sting In The Tail sound exactly as expected. Slightly dry, guitar driver rock music. Klaus, Rudolf and Mattias produces music that really is unique in it's own way. It seems like SCORPIONS want to make a memorable last album so they over-use every ingredient there is. Rock is mentioned in three of the titles and there are four acoustic song openings on Sting In The Tail.

SCORPIONS pretty much created the definition of a Power Ballad with tunes like Holiday, Winds Of Change, Always Somewhere, Still Loving You and When the Smoke Is Going Down they are forged into the history of Rock 'n Roll forever.

The rock tunes as well as the ballads on The Sting Of The Tail are up to SCORPIONS standard and the best track on the album is The good die young, the first single track of the album. We can't help smiling when it is "Kumbaya-time" in the last track, The best is yet to come.