01. Conspiracy Theory
02. Apocalypse 2012
03. Night Magic
04. Tear Out My Heart
05. Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen
06. Tarot
07. Kingdom Of Evil
08. The Remnant
09. Angels Of Babylon
10. Second Coming

Verdict: 5


The old Megadeth bass player David Ellefson and the ex Manowar drummer Kenny Earl Edwards has started he brand new band ANGELS OF BABYLON. This debut album consist of 10 songs that move around the realms of tales and magic.All the songs are heavily draped in orchestral arrangements and a large effort has been put on making the production sound huge.

But Kingdom of evil doesn't turn out quite as good as it could have, it is a bunch of average tunes that is extremely well performed. It strike us that something is missing here. The mix leave the material sounding frail lacking that ommmpph in the stomach. The transitions between synthetic and "real" parts doesn't quite glue together, leaving some of the material sounding like musical collages rather than finished songs.

The best tracks of the album are Angels Of Babylon and Tear Out My Heart on an even album without any obvious filler tracks.

The band comment the release: Rhino states "I started compiling these songs many years ago but was patiently waiting for the optimum lineup to record and release an album like this. I was introduced to Fefolt, Ellefson and Brosh a couple years back, and they provided the inspiration to forge ahead and complete the album. I think we have something really special for our fans with this new record. Comments vocalist David Fefolt, "I think this album will surprise a lot of people due to its classic metal sound but with such majestic arrangements throughout. The melodic power on this album is definitely a force to be reckoned with!"

We say that the next ANGELS OF BABYLON album might end up just what the band claim that this album is. Magnificent and Majestic, they surely have the capacity to pull it off.