1. My dying day
2. Rivers of blood
3. Destruction
4. Death gives new life
5. Rewind
6. Bleeding
7. Tears of guilt
8. Inner piece
9. Divided
10. Alone

Verdict: 6

RUINED SOUL My Dying Day Review

RUINED SOUL is the DISDAIN guitarist Johnny Johanssons side project that has seen the light of day. Material that didn't fit for DISDAIN has been gathered in a black box just waiting, waiting until there were enough cold dark miserable songs to compile an entire album on its' own.

Johnny Johanssons has composed all the music and lyrics as well as played a majority of the instruments on the My Dying Day. The singing duties has been taken on by Patrik Johansson that has his daytime job in the band ARISE. A solo guitarist has been invited to perform on each track and quite a few familiar names are among the players on My Dying Day:

Jonas Kjellgren  Scar Symmetry
Matias Kupiainen  Stratovarius
Marios Iliopoulos  Nightrage
Niklas Stälvind  Wolf
Benny Jansson Ride The Sky
Eric Rauti Dreamland
Jonas Hörnqvist Treasure Land
Janne Stark Constancia
Olof Mörck  Nightrage
Peter Huss  Shining

While DISDAIN always use the lyrical melody as the epicenter for their songs RUINED SOUL goes down a different path. RUINED SOUL is harder than DISDAIN and where the DISDAIN sound turn to TAKIDA metal, RUINED SOUL goes SOILWORK. DISDAIN is a metal band in the softer school RUINED SOUL is Melodic Death Metal all the way. There are some rare clean vocal parts on the album but the growling rules. Another thing that sets DISDAIN apart from RUINED SOUL is the lack of synthesizers or at least the apparent use of artificial sounds. There are quite a few good songs on the album where Rewind, Inner piece, Divided and the title track My Dying Day stand out as slightly stronger.

On the downside there are hordes of bands sounding like RUINED SOUL today and nothing set them apart from the rest of the pack. They need some kind of trademark of their own that make them instantaneously recognizable, but hey! This is a really good first effort!