01. Coat Of Arms
02. Midway
03. Uprising
04. Screaming Eagles
05. The Final Solution
06. Aces In Exile
07. Saboteurs
08. Wehrmacht
09. The White Death
10. Metal Ripper

Verdict: 8

SABATON Coat Of Arms Review

SABATON is a band that has an incredible ability to mass produce ridiculously catchy arena anthems like "Cliffs Of Gallipoli", "Primo Victoria", "Art oOf War", "40:1" and "Attero Dominatus". So it is nice that the recognition factor is sky high on Coat of Arms. Sabaton deliver again.

Sabaton produce no bullshit, guitar driven Power Metal with catchy keyboard melodies all over the place. The trademark that set Sabaton apart from the bunch is their obvious love for military themed lyrics. While the Art of War had quotes from Sun Tzu's warfare guide as a read line gluing together the album, Coat Of Arms lack such a theme. But a majority of the lyrics seem to circle around The Second World War. An interesting side note is that the band even has invited the fans to suggest topics for the lyrics on Coat Of Arms.

Sabaton has received honorable citizenship/titles from the Polish government for 40:1, and been honored with the opportunity to play a headline show in front of 10.000 fans on the battlefield near Wizna where the battle they sing about in the song 40:1 took place exactly 70 years earlier. The song "Uprising" is a second chapter to "40:1". The lyrics depict the partisan uprising in Warsaw late in the WW II. The Germans had decided to level Warsaw completely with the ground. The Polish uprising aimed to defend the city and thereby avoid a situation where Russian forces would take control over the entire country  at the ending of the war.

"White Death" is about the famous Finish sniper,  Simo Häyhä that killed over 500 enemy soldiers during the Finish winter war.
"Saboteurs" is about the Norwegian partisans that prevented the Germans from manufacturing a Nuclear Bomb in the War in Telemarken. "Midway", "Wehrmacht" and "The Final Solution" all draw inspiration from the Second World War.

This is Sabaton as we know them all right!

Just like the Metal Machine and Metal Crue,  Sabaton has thrown is in a song called Metal Ripper that has a shitload of references to Heavy Metal history including The Riper by Judas Priest and Crazy Train by Ozzy just to mention two of them.

SABATON is a live band that takes every opportunity to play live and in many ways the band really is in its right element on stage. At this moment, with most of the major 2010 festivals booked, a huge tour announced, and a new label, we look forward seeing them on stage this summer. If you want to surprise the band bring the Swedish Royal coat of arms to the show.