01. No way
02. She likes to hide
03. Sisters
04. Of dust
05. Tell me you don´t know
06. Sleeping under the stars
07. Darkness of mine
08. Linoleum
09. Curiosity
10. Where it hurts
11. Road salt
12. Innocence

Verdict: 7

PAIN OF SALVATION Roadsalt one Review 

Pain Of Salvation has been unknown by the mainstream music listener. Yet they have been around the alternative scene for fifteen years. Pain Of Salvation have built a huge international following over the years through word of mouth.

The band were on the SPV label that filed for bankruptcy and the album has been pushed back several times. At some point the band stated that a double album would see the light of day. Some rumors claimed that the album would be called Road Salt Ivory and be part one of a sequel, other that the musical direction of the band also would change with Road Salt One. Road Salt One is the ninth release by the band and few things are as unpredictable as Pain Of Salvation. The only thing certain is that there will be crossover music, with a lyrical theme uniting the album into one.

With the restrained ballad they performed on the Eurovision Song Contest we really expected that the album would release all the tension that was built on TV. The trademark Progressive metal has been warped into a slightly dark bluesy 70's atmosphere. Road Salt One actually is easy listening by POS standards, there are even several songs that will sit nicely on the FM radio. There are some harder moments on the album but Road Salt One shine during the ballads. Songs like "Of Dust", "Road Salt", "Where It Hurts" and "Sisters" are absolutely brilliant.

The title song RoadSalt has entered the Swedish mainstream Radio Chart and also the POP list "Trackslistan" is surprising indeed. Hopefully this will increase the interest for a band widely known and respected outside of their own country, until this day.