01. The Wicked Symphony
02. Wastelands
03. Scales of Justice
04. Dying for an Angel
05. Blizzard On a Broken Mirror
06. Runaway Train
07. Crestfallen
08. Forever is a Long Time
09. Black Wings
10. States of Matter
11. The Edge

Verdict: 6

AVANTASIA The Wicked SymphonyReview

When the first and second AVANTASIA "Metal Opera" albums arrived they were new, it felt fresh. AVANTASIA blended classical orchestral elements with Power Metal and really took advantage of the best elements from both worlds. There are a lot of pompous bombastic parts in both musical forms and AVANTASIA "Metal Opera" proved that the concept really was working well.

The lyrical performances has always been stellar on the AVANTASIA albums with the best rock singers participating on the productions. Jorn Lande, Bob Catley, Kai Hansen, Russel Allen, Klaus Meine and of course Tobi himself that sing quite a bit on the albums as well.

But then something has happened.... Lost In Space were two albums and 2008 The Scarecrow was released, and since then the entire back catalog has been re released once more. Now it is time for another AVANTASIA release. No please let us correct ourselves...

It is time for two full length albums, "The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel Of Babylon".

Maybe the compositions will have more orchestral elements in them and that is why Toby has decided to make two albums instead of one.

This is not the case. There actually is less symphonic elements on the albums.

We will try to help you distinguish the albums "The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel Of Babylon" from each other. That is if there is any difference between them all together. We will try to give you a hint which one of "The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel Of Babylon" to buy if you should buy any of them at all.

The title track blend classical and rock elements in the typical way we have become used to. The title track is actually a great song on its own. Tobias Sammet describes the title track as, "a ten minutes track featuring a vocal battle between Jorn Lande, Russell Allen and me" and we agree. If this is representative for the two albums we can understand

The album single "Dying For An Angel" is a duet with Klaus Meine from Scorpions. the song is typical radio rock and pretty far from AVANTASIA altogether. Not bad, but not particularly impressive either. After listening through half of the album we recognize that this isn't a "Metal Opera" anymore. This is easy listening Rock/Metal and the classical element are rare.

The Crestfallen even has a more modern sound to it with a sequenced rhythm parts and heavily warped vocals. We can swear that we recognizes the chorus from somewhere else but we can't pin point where we have heard it... (It is a complete rip off of Hammerfalls Crimson Thunder).

Two songs are long on The Wicked Symphony, The title track and a track called "Runaway Train". The fragile opening with Bob Catley singing to the piano is absolutely magnificent. The song evolves into something that would make Jim Steinman jealous. The song just grows and grows AVANTASIA at its best.

"Forever Is A Long Time" would be a great EDGUY tune complete with a sing along chorus in the best "Superheroes" manner. Is it an Avantasia song? No.

"Black Wings" open with a riff sounding like "Mein Teil" by Rammstein, this is not typical AVANTASIA at all. The song has a great chorus that only get better for each listen.

So this is an average album by any band.


Some warning lights for plagiarism. It seems like Tobias Sammet has started to capitalize quite a bit on his once so humble project AVANTASIA. We are not certain that we like it.

The Wicked Symphony is the better of the two albums with quite a few good songs and some symphonic parts that we are used to. We recommend that you buy The Wicked Symphony .