01. Armageddon
02. So alive
03. Generation wild
04. Rebel
05. Save her
06. Down with the dust
07. Native nature
08. Chemical
09. Bound to fall
10. Beautiful pain

Verdict: 8

CRASHDIET Generation Wild Review

Few bands have been hyped like CRASHDIET. Long before they had released an album their demos were widely distributed and everybody started to smell a real 80's Sleaze Metal revival in the making.

The mobile operator 3 put the band in a commercial spot boosting "Breaking the Chains" a tune not even released! Local Swedish radio stations put "Riot in everyone" on their heavy rotation lists, CRASHDIET were on everybody's lips. CRASHDIET signed with Universal that released their debut album that superseded the expectations in every way. The album Rest in Sleaze is a fantastic album. There are a number of fantastic tunes on it; "Breaking the Chains", "Needle in your Eye" and "Miracle" make the album an instant classic.

Rest in Sleaze will be remembered twenty years from now by sentimental middle aged people reflecting upon their long gone youth.

But like so many times in uber gifted bands, they are highly flammable and one of the guitarists, the singer and main composer
Dave Leppard tragically decided that it was time to end his life.

Since then things just have gone south with CRASHDIET. First they said that they would stop playing all together, then they recruited a new singer (Ollie), and released a new album The Unattractive Revolution, a shitty album that didn't meet the expectations in any way. Singer stage exit, lights out.

So now it is time for the Generation Wild MAC3 version of CRASHDIET. We really, really want that this album to be great.

Let us tell you right away that this really is album sound CRASHDIET more than ever and that Simon Cruz is doing one hell of a job. Let's hope that this guy stick around for a while! We are really happy with the sound on the album and the fat choirs that are found throughout the entire album. It is nice to see that the boys are back!

Best track: Beautiful Pain