01 In Venere Veritas
02 Scared To Death
03 Heartkiller
04 Dying Song
05 Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)
06 Love, The Hardest Way
07 Katherine Wheel
08 In The Arms Of Rain
09 Ode To Solitude
10 Shatter Me With Hop

Verdict: 8

PRETTY MAIDS Pandemonium Review

The year is 1990 Pretty Maids have released their second album Future World. The band is well aware of the facts. Their time has come and they will do it big. The album production is really special. Roger Glover has produced the album The material is hard yet catchy. Pretty Maids have a master at the microphone mixing styles in a manner few others can do. The label was all behind the band, Pretty Maids will be the next big thing.

In a time when Warrant serve "Cherry Pie", Winger were "In the hearts of the young" and Poison did their "Unskinny Bop" all over the place. Queensryche released "Empire" and Judas Priest got jacked up on "Painkillers". You get the picture, Pretty Maids would fit in great there with the big stars.

Pretty Maids had the stars all lined up in exactly the wrong way and thy flopped big time.

Now over twenty years later Pretty Maids are still active, a few years ago they released "Wake Up To The Real World" that had a few tuned on it.

Now Pretty Maids are a bout to release a new album and this time around something is different for real. For starter the band has named the album after the capital in Milthons Hell, a band more occupied with Sci-Fi than the underworld. Secondly there is a keyboardist back in the ranks once more.

The Title track Pandemonium is a fast, high energy track sounding like it would come of the "Future World" album. It is hard to understand that this is made by a band that has been around for close to thirty years. Damn, this is good! The second track "I Envy You" is a rock steady tune with a catchy chorus, this quite possibly is the best track on the entire album.

The third track is the first single off Pandemonium, "Little Drops Of Heaven". It is a track written with radio play in mind. Come on, Pretty Maids isn't completely toothless after all and this track is down right cheesy. It is just too harmless and sweet. We thing this is the weakest track on the entire album. No Go figure.

Pandemonium is a really good album. A majority of the songs are really good like "One World, One Truth", "Cielo Drive" and "They Come At Night". There even is a great sounding soft track called "Old Enough To Know" on the album. This one has an organic real feeling to it, it actually sound like it would come off the Stripped album. We suggest they use this one as the next single, it just might work. People still might want to listen to a band that actually play and sing themselves.

Pretty Maids is a band that haven't by far received the recognition they are worth. They have truly been part of shaping the Melodic Metal as well as the Power Metal genres. And Denmark haven't produced that many noteworthy metal acts over the years.