01. Satan Is Dead
02. Hell Knows
03. Rise!
04. The Pilot Of All Dreams
05. Magic And Technology
06. Calling Down The Rain
07. Caught In The Deadlights
08. I Walk Forever
09. Sleep In The Dark
10. Gone

Verdict: 6

TAROT Gravity Of Light Review

Gravity Of Light is our first acquaintance with TAROT, but according Encyclopaedia Metallum the band has been around since the early eighties and has released eight albums.

The members aren't quite as anonymous as the band though. The main creative forces in the band is Marco Hietala ( you know the evil bass playing Viking of Nightwish) and his brother Zachary. This band have been around since before Marko became involved in Nightwish.

And after listening to a few of the old songs we are smiling at the young dudes trying their best to look like Wrathchild or Madam X, playing Hairmetal.

Amusing indeed, just about now we have evil grins stretching from ear to ear.

The lyrical theme circle around good and evil in a classical manner. Titles like Satan isĀ  Dead, Hell knows and Sleep in the dark even have a Stryper kind of air to them. The album cover depict something that look like the typical garbage you would fetch in a Mexican gift shop and we don't know quite what to expect.

Well well this will be interesting!
A Slasher in the making?

The album sound grabs you right from the start. The melodies are incredibly catchy and the singing is stellar. Tommi Salmela and Marco are trading vocals and despite that their singing styles are quite similar they add to each others performance.

Tarot grabs influences from classical Hard Rock /Heavy Metal rather than modern metal. There are some classical as well as folk inspired parts on the album as well.

In some senses this has the feel of what we would wish of a 2010 Phenomena album. Versatile but yet fat and heavy.

The arrangements borrow from Jim Steinman and his dramatical musical style At times Marco even resemble Meatloaf in his singing style. At times the feel is Rainbow during the Dio years. The thing that really remain in the forefront of it all is the melodies. The melodic content is never sacrificed over the wish to be more contemporary. This soup doesn't have a lot in common with Nightwish and we actually prefer Tarot before the latest Nightwish release.

Tarot actually present the album as:

"The album feels like meeting an old friend. Some things are the same,
but your friend has gained weight. He shows new scars, and tattoos. The
beard is longer and he projects a meaner and faster temper. At the same
time there's still a big heart at the center. The blood might rush to
your head when your friend takes you to a weightless sauna orbiting the