01. Eat Me Up Alive
02. Best Of Me
03. A Little Too Much
04. Look Out Below
05. Last Call
06. Lost Weekend
07. As Good As It Gets
08. Garden Of Eden
09. Take A Big Bite
10. Take Me Home
11. Don't Let Go

Verdict: 6

Ratt Infestation Review

Some twenty years ago some men walked the earth in spandex trousers with strange frizzy hairstyles and make-up. Most looked lag transvestites, a few like drag queens, one thing they all had in common: They played hair metal. A few bands reached an exceptional stature and largest of them all were Bon Jovi and Ratt. The band sold some twenty million albums before the split up around 1990.

In 1997 when reunions where popular Ratt resurfaced with Pearcy, DeMartini and Blotzer but Robbin Crosby weren't to be seen anywhere close. The constellation released a self titled album in 1998 but soon were more interested in legal battles than playing music. Since 2007 Stephen and the rest of the members have stopped suing each other and once again started to play music and now it is time for a real serious attempt to make a new Ratt album.

Infestation is a collection of well crafted songs that are extremely easy to remember. This without being to monotone or becoming completely predictable. The overall groove and feel is... well it is Ratt from a to z.

Infestation is actually sounding just like if it would been the second "Invasion of your privacy" disc, this is exactly what Ratt did back in the eighties.

It is playful and Stephen strangely enough seem to have his voice fairly intact despite all the drinking. Carlos Cavazo and Warren DeMartini are doing a splendid guitar work on the album and the eighties vibe is present.

But don't expect to get any advanced manoeuvrings, it is after all RATT, the spandex party band no.1 and the best tunes are the straight forward "Best Of Me"