drowning pool

01. Let the Sin Begin
02. Feel Like I Do
03. Turn So Cold
04. Regret
05. Over My Head
06. All About Me
07. More Than Worthless
08. Children of the Gun
09. Alcohol Blind
10. Horns Up
11. King Zero

Verdict: 4


Drowning Pool is the forth release by this post grunge, Nu-Metal outfit. Drowning Pool were one of the bands that Ozzfest propelled to immediate stardom early in the new millennium. It is actually quite amusing to regard outfits like Drowning Pool. They have struggled, not able to maintain their popularity, suffering from numerous line-up changes. Bands that slowly become famous have it so much easier. Bands that claim to be serious always balance on the border of the ridiculous. This album written in the wake of various traumas in singer Ryan Mc Combs' personal life. Not many reasons to Dance on the tables here...

This genre is already occupied by a few noteworthy bands. Disturbed, Static-X, SOD, Limp Bizkit, and Mr. Manson are all slightly bigger and more fresh than Drowning Pool. But more than anything they manage to entertain and that is where Drowning Pool has problems. It is not fun. No matter how well performed the music is.

Yet there is a slot open for a Band like Drowning Pool and the album is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of Disturbed.